Join the Communist Workers Party

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Membership has its rewards. Becoming a member of the Communist Workers Party means joining with your fellow workers to fight for and build a new world. Being a member means being part of an organization that is controlled by you — where you make the decisions together with your brother and sister workers — where you control the fate of the Party. Being a member means being part of a proud political tradition that goes back to the days of Marx and Engels, to the International Working Men’s Association and Workingmen’s Party U.S., to the fight for the Paris and St. Louis Communes, to the fledgling workers’ republics in Russia, Hungary, Finland and Germany. Most importantly, though, being a member of the Workers Party means taking a leading role in the fight for communism today, fighting for your own liberation and that of your co-workers, neighbors, friends and family.

According to Article II, Section 1 of our Rules, “Membership in the Communist Workers Party is open to any proletarian or member of the proletarian class who accepts the Program and agrees to abide by the Rules of the Party, takes an active role in the Party and its work through participation in and under the direction of a Party organization, fulfills all assignments and tasks assigned by the Party, actively defends and promotes the Party in public, and regularly pays membership dues and assessments.”

  • Any proletarian or member of the proletarian class” means anyone who is a part of the working class: that part of society that has nothing but their ability to work to sell on the market in order to survive. This includes young people whose parents are workers or who were raised in a working-class family environment.
  • To “accept” the Party’s Program and Rules, and the decisions the Party makes, does not necessarily mean you have to agree with every dot and comma — every formulation and turn of phrase — in them. To accept, in this case, means that you agree with what’s being said in principle, but you might disagree with how it’s presented or how we go about achieving our goals. Our members have the right to disagree with decisions, to organize and fight for their views, and for those views to become the Party’s majority position.
  • As well, to “take an active role in the Party and its work through participation in and under the direction of a Party organization” means that, as much as possible, members work with other members to build the Party and promote its views within the working class. This can include attending protests and public events together as a contingent at the request of the Party and using authorized Party materials, building and promoting local Party organizations in order to recruit new members and supporters, and helping to develop stronger ties between the Party and other legitimate workers’ organizations with whom the organization as a whole (or, at least, in its majority) believes it’s worth improving our relations.
  • Finally, to “take an active role in the Party” also means getting involved in discussions of political issues, current events and important questions affecting the work and functioning of the organization without having to be prodded to do so. Party members are expected to be self-starters, always on the lookout for ways to improve our Program, our activity and our experience. Every member’s opinion is important and there should be no hesitation to make your views known. We are all members of the Party for the same reasons and we all can learn from each other. Even the most seasoned veteran can learn something from the newest member.

Prior to applying for membership, it is expected that you will have read our Program.

In addition to this, all those applying for membership are expected to read the Party’s Rules, which govern how our organization functions.

Party members and members of the Central Committee are always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have while reading through these documents. You can email your questions to centralcommittee[at] or log in to Facebook and ask them in our public discussion group.

If you have read through these documents and have no more questions, and you are still interested in joining the Party, then we invite you to fill out the application form below. Please be sure to include a valid email and postal address so that we may send you a welcome letter and your membership card. Also, be sure to include your Facebook profile so that other members can contact you and the Party can add you to the appropriate groups. Note: All information you provide below is kept strictly confidential by the National Office of the Communist Workers Party. At no time will we knowingly reveal the personal information of any member to anyone outside of the Party. Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance or membership in the Communist Workers Party.

I, the undersigned, declare my adherence to the Program and Rules of the Communist Workers Party USA, agrees to accept the decisions of the Party and its organizations, and to engage actively in its work. I further declare I have no affiliations or ties to the capitalist class, its agents or its organizations. I understand that if it is discovered that the statements above are knowingly false, I may be expelled from the Party.

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